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Creative Kitchen Design Ideas




Long gone are the days when you could think big in terms of the most prized possession in your life-your home. Majority of working individuals and couples have to make do with flats or tenements in apartments and housing co-operatives as they can’t afford to buy spacious farmhouses or mansions that are prohibitively expensive. And it doesn’t need to be stressed that space is at a premium in modern-day flats.

So, it follows that most of the flats in high-rise apartment buildings have small kitchens. However, if you want to make optimum use of the available space in your kitchen, you’d have to design it meticulously. This implies that the design or the look of your kitchen should be such that it should appear spacious even after you’ve outfitted the essential appliances and placed kitchenware/tableware. Following are some popular kitchen design ideas that not only make the cooking space look roomy and stylish but also offer you the leeway to rustle up your favorite dishes.      

  1. Gingham Ceiling

Keep kitchen spaces looking plain yet sophisticated with Gingham ceiling. The special characteristic of this style is that the ceiling does not appear to be unusually high while the surroundings look classy. Offer an olive green coat to the ceiling and design the racks, drawers, and kitchen top or splashboard in way to give a semblance of space.

  1. Go Industrial

Give upper cabinets a complete miss and only have countertops and shelves that have been constructed out of galvanized steel or other metallic elements. Go for pendant lights that can be fixed in a manner to light up the entire area evenly.

  1. Zen-styled kitchen

Give your kitchen a touch of Zen architecture, popular for its simplicity with a subtle hint of classiness. The countertop and the cabinets are made of handcrafted wood and the entire area resembles a teahouse done in Zen style.



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