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Essentials for Your Bathroom


The bathroom is perhaps the most neglected area of a home as most homeowners pay the least attention to this space. For quite a large number of those who’re looking forward to buying real estate or readymade property for designing and developing into a home according to their tastes, doing up the bathroom is the last thing on their minds.

However, the bathroom in your home is one area that visitors or guests are more likely to use (obviously after the drawing or living room). And surely you’d not want your guests to go home with an unpleasant experience or impression as far as your bathroom is concerned. Following are some essentials that you could use to spruce up the lavatory or toilet.

  1. Bathroom Windows Sprucing

The window in the bathroom serves to safeguard your privacy on one hand and allow natural sunlight to brighten up the interiors. Go for windows with wooden or plastic blinds or have windows quite high up to discourage onlookers or peeping toms.

  1. Ambient Lighting

Going for lighting fixtures that light up not only the visible areas but also the nooks and crannies is a good idea. When the weather is cloudy with overcast skies, your bathroom can appear unusually dark. Only proper lightning can dispel that gloominess and ambient lighting would be your best bet.

  1. Quality Doormat

You’d not certainly want to waste precious time everyday to keep your bathroom looking spic and span. Place a mat just outside the door that can soak in moisture from both clean and dirty feet stepping in and out of the bathroom.

  1. An attractive shower curtain

A shower curtain embellished with graphic prints will accentuate the overall look of the bathroom by several notches.

Besides the above, you’ll need a gorgeous mirror, a set of matching towels, cleaning supplies, a fragrant soap, and a durable trash can to heighten the appeal of your bathroom.



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