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 How to Keep Your Kitchen Well Maintained


The kitchen is one of the most significant spaces in your home where you rustle up delicacies for your family and guests almost on an everyday basis. So, it doesn’t need to be exaggerated that you’d have to keep the entire area spic and span if you want to continue preparing dishes in an environment that is healthy. Also, the urge to make preparations for cooking goes up tremendously if your kitchen is clean and tidy.

Consider the downsides of food preparation on a daily basis-the cooking and serving utensils pick up food stains and marks from spices as well as flavorings. Films of oil are formed on the walls, storing cabinets, splashboard, and other areas that might affect the overall décor. With passage of time, the ovens, cookware, serviettes, forks, knives, spoons, and napkins accumulate dirt and/or grease.

This is turn leads to deposition of moulds and bacteria which in the long run may contaminate the cooked meals and ultimately affect your health adversely. Hence, the necessity of maintaining the kitchen so that you can keep using the area prospectively is a foregone conclusion. Abide by the following hacks on keeping the kitchen well-maintained.

  1. Start with your hands

You use your hands the most as long as you’re in the kitchen. From fetching vegetables, raw, and semi-processed food from the refrigerator to sautéing the food on the skillet and from chopping food items to washing these under running water, it is your hands that you use the maximum. Therefore, the first and foremost thing that you need to do in order to cook in clean surroundings is to wash your hands properly before you step into the kitchen.

You’d also need to rinse your hands again and after you’ve handled raw foods, cooked dishes, disposed off leftovers or garbage into the bin, and so on      . Make it a point to wipe your wet hands on a dry towel after you’ve rinsed.

  1. Regularly clean storage cabinets and other kitchen knickknacks

Storage cabinets and drawers in the kitchen have the tendency to accumulate dirt, stains, and soot as these spaces have niches. Cleaning these areas everyday with save you the trouble of struggling to clear the grime if you undertake to rinse once in a week. Also, wash your cooking, serving, and storing utensils and wares on a daily basis.

Using a dishwasher for rinsing your wares will cut down time, you spend in the kitchen. Always clean the worktop and the oven with a clean dry cloth after you’re done cooking. Also, see to it that the countertop or the worktop as well as the stove and microwave are clean before you start using these.

  1. Clean the walls and roof free of dust and grime

Since the walls and roof of your kitchen are prone to attracting oily stains, you must take steps to keep these areas tidy before the soot become difficult to remove. The same goes for the roof and the other nooks and crannies inside the kitchen.

  1. Renovate and paint

Refurbish your kitchen as and when required and give it a fresh coat of paint once every 3-4 years.

Apart from following the above steps, make it a point to regularly wash the napkins and kerchiefs.



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